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The European Union plays a role in the development of the Finnish regions

The development of Finland is an issue that concerns all Finns. It is in everyone’s interest that the best Finnish development ideas do not remain at the idea level but that they are also realised – either under the Finns’ own steam or with the help of others. With support from the European Union (EU), ideas can become a reality.

EU money provides a boost that helps Finnish ideas become
practical development projects. The aim is to ensure that Finland is a country with employment, skilled people, a favourable atmosphere for new ideas and successful companies as well as a good environment in which to make a home, to live and to work.

The EU finances projects from the Structural Funds, which are
the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and the European Social Fund (ESF). The EU’s Structural Funds are intended to reduce the disparities arising in the development of the European regions. The assistance from the Funds is used to develop all of Finland: Finnish people, companies and localities.


Research & development & learning environments with EU funding in Pohjoi-Savo 2000-2011